Dr Ricky Van  Kalliecharan

Dr Ricky Van Kalliecharan

Associate Professor in International Health. Head of Nuffield Centre for International Health & Development

+44 (0) 113 343 3732

Summary: Ricky is an Associate Professor with specialised knowledge and expertise in health policy, planning and management; health sector financing; health systems research; education capacity development.

Location: 10.18, Level 10, Worsley Building


Responsibilities Ricky has undertaken within health and other sectors include:

  • service provision and programme management at the district level
  • policy development and health planning at the regional and national levels
  • lecturing and research with academic institutions and
  • consulting for Health Authorities and international organisations

These skills were developed over twenty-four years of management experience in the health sectors of various countries including Canada, UK, Tanzania, China, Sudan, India and the Caribbean.