Dr Shenaz Ahmed

Dr Shenaz Ahmed

Associate Professor in Public Health

+44 (0) 113 343 2441

Summary: Shenaz is Associate Professor in Public Health with research interests in the psychological, social and ethical aspects of prenatal and genomic technologies, and ethnic health inequalities.

Location: Room 10.90B, Level 10, Worsley Building



My primary research interests are in the psychological, social and ethical aspects of genomic technologies.  I have led projects on cross-cultural values of informed choice and autonomous decision-making, and factors that influence these choices, such as: attitudes toward disability/inherited conditions (Down Syndrome, thalassaemia, cystic fibrosis); attitudes towards screening tests, prenatal diagnosis and termination of pregnancy for various conditions; and the influence of religious and cultural factors.  I have also led research on health professionals’ perspectives on informed choice and been involved in research on provision of balanced information and the development of educational materials for antenatal screening.  My current research interests focus on the development of an intervention to facilitate informed decision-making for prenatal testing.  I also lead an international collaborative research network on the psychosocial aspect of genomic technologies (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Pakistan).  Most of my research is cross-cultural, mainly with mutli-ethnic populations, and in collaboration with health professionals from a range of disciplines to ensure grounding in current policy and practice.