Dr Lucy Ziegler

Dr Lucy Ziegler

Senior Research Fellow

+44 (0) 113 343 7351

Summary: Lucy is a Senior Research Fellow in the Academic Unit of Palliative Care and holds a UoL/YCR Academic Fellowship. Her work aims to improve timely integration of palliative care for cancer patients.

Location: G29, Charles Thackrah Building


Lucy is a University of Leeds Academic Fellow funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research.  

Lucy's academic fellowship supports a five year programme of research which aims to improve the timely integration of palliative care for patients with advanced cancer. The first project in this programme, Time4PallCare, used population level data to establish the characteristics of cancer patients currently under represented in terms of access to palliative care and the duration of palliative care necessary to achieve measurable improvements to quality of life. Future projects will focus on developing interventions to support timely access to palliative care.  

Lucy has undertaken research aimed at improving the quality of life of cancer patients since 2001, at the University of Bradford (2001–2008) within the Psychosocial Oncology and Clinical Practice Research Group, University of Leeds (2008–2012) and more recently within the Academic Unit of Palliative Care university if Leeds (2012-2016) where Lucy's research formed part of the IMPACCT programme and aimed to improve the management of pain in patients with advanced cancer.