Dr Paul Baxter

Dr Paul Baxter

Associate Professor in Biostatistics

0113 343 9078

Summary: Biostatistical methods in Applied Health Research.

Location: Division of Biostatistics

Teaching Commitments: Programme leader - MSc in Epidemiology & Biostatistics Module leader - EPIB5024 Statistical Inference, DSUR5104 Statistical Methods, EPIB5030 Professional Spine




Research Area

Use of observational and audit data in Applied Health Research. Statistical methods for data linkage and missing data. Statistical methods for complex data structures including multilevel modelling.

Recent Projects

Pavitt, S, Philips, N, Mon Williams, M, et al, Evaluating the benefits of gamma knife surgery for patients with trigeminal neuralgia (BHRC Leeds, 2012, £21980).

Plein, S, Greenwood, J, Emery, P, Buckley, D, Pavitt, S, Baxter, PD, Buch, M, and Andrews, J, CADERA: Coronary Artery Disease Evaluation in Rheumatoid Arthritis (NIHR Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation UK, 2012-2014, £589215).

Witte, K, Kearney, M, Cleland, J, Baxter, PD, Gilthorpe, MS, Plein, S, Greenwood, J, Pavitt, S, Barth, J, Fleming, T, VINDICATE: Vitamin D treating patients with chronic heart failure (Medical Research Council, UK, 2012-2015, £590534).

Hulme, CT, Robinson, PG, Douglas GVA, Godson, J, Brunton, P, Pavitt, S, Baxter, PD, Edlin, R, and Gibson, BJ, INCENTIVE: Improving the organisation and delivery of dental health care to patients - innovation in commissioning and delivery of primary dental care service delivery and organisation. (NIHR SDO Grant 2011-2014, £270061).

Baxter PD, Fleming TJ, Scott DJA, Gilthorpe MS, Mitchell DC and Czoski-Murray C.  Linking the National Vascular Database to the UK Statistics Authority for long term mortality follow. (BHRS Problem Solving Fund, University of Leeds, £2870).

Scott DJA, McCabe C, Hewison J, Baxter PD, Murray C, Fleming T, Mirchell D, West RW, Mysers J and Nicholson T.  Propsective comparative evaluation of alternative vascular service models in the UK NHS. (NIHR Programme Development Grant, 2010-2011, £99737) .

Bekker H, Wilkie M, Winterbottom A, Edwards L, Davies S, Mathers N, Czoski-Murray C, Baxter PD and Clamp, S.  Development of a patient decision aid (PtDA), in paper and web formats, to improve renal patients' informed decisions about dialysis modality.  (Kidney Research UK, 2010-2012, £159182).

Widening Participation

Royal Statistical Society Guy Lecturer 2011-12.