Hannah Roberts

Hannah Roberts

Postgraduate Research Student

Summary: Hannah Roberts is a postgraduate research student studying the relationship between the utilisation of green space and health & well-being.

Location: Room G.01a, Psychology Annexe; Born in Bradford


Research suggests proximity to green spaces can have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of adults and children and can go some way to ameliorating income related inequalities. There is less evidence exploring the influence of frequency of green space use, and perceptions of quality and satisfaction. This may account for the evidence that whilst individuals in deprived urban areas may live closer to green space, they tend to report more negative perceptions and less use than those in less deprived areas. For example, whilst generally green spaces are regarded positively and contribute to feelings of safety, in very urban areas this association is reversed with more closed green space in the environment being linked to lower feelings of safety. In that very urban areas are often those that are most deprived, this finding is particularly significant in understanding health inequalities in relation to access and use of green space.

Born in Bradford (BiB) has a number of existing data sources relating to maternal well-being, child behavioural strengths and difficulties, physical activity of mother and child, green space utilisation, and geocoded data . Together, these present an opportunity to develop a model of the influences of the environment on green space utilisation and its influence on health and well-being. The recent increase in prevalence of mobile sensing technology provides the potential to augment these data sources with participant generated Geographic Information System data on features of the neighbourhood walking environment that add or diminish perceived value to green space.

Supervised by: Dr Ian Kellar, University of Leeds; Dr Rosie McEachan, Born in Bradford; Dr Dimitri Ballas, University of Sheffield

Funder: White Rose Network

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