Dr Rani Khatib

Cardiology Pharmacist/ Lecturer

0113 3431242

Summary: Pharmacy, Radiography and Healthcare Science

Location: Baines Wing


Dr Rani Khatib belongs to the Medicines Management Academic Unit at the school of Healthcare. He is a highly specialist cardiology pharmacist at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) and a lecturer at the University of Leeds contributing to the education of pharmacists, nurses, midwives and doctors at postgraduate and undergraduate level.

As an independent cardiology pharmacist prescriber he has direct responsibility for providing pharmaceutical care to patients and works closely with various health care professionals in secondary and primary care with a particular interest in coronary heart disease (CHD) and heart failure.

He is part of the Cardiovascular Research Unit (LTHT) where he is researching adherence to secondary prevention medicines in CHD patients, medicines optimisation, medicines reconciliation and reducing medication errors.

Rani is a committee member of the UKCPA cardiology group and has several publications in professional and peer-reviewed journals.