Professor Linda McGowan

Professor Linda McGowan

Professor of Applied Health Research

0113 3431339

Summary: Midwifery, Social Work and Counselling & Psychotherapy

Location: Baines Wing


Linda McGowan is Professor of Applied Health Research in the School of Healthcare. Her first degree is in psychology; she has a Masters in health services research and health technology assessment (ScHaRR) and a PhD in health psychology. She has a clinical background in nursing and midwifery.

Linda’s research interests can be described under two main themes:

Theme 1: Women’s health - with a special emphasis on maternal health and wellbeing, in particular perinatal mental health; midwifery research; gynaecology; infertility and psychosocial issues that can affect the lives of women and their families.

Theme 2: Psychosocial factors and outcomes in long term conditions (LTCs)  and the development of self-management interventions for people with LTCs – for example chronic pelvic pain, adolescents with asthma, and the relationship of psychological factors and long term physical and psychosocial outcomes in cardiac disease.

Linda uses a wide range of methods to support her research including quantitative (RCTs; prospective cohort studies; systematic reviews and meta-analyses), qualitative (framework analysis; narrative analysis) and mixed methods research.

She leads, and is actively developing, the Maternal, Family and Child Health research theme within the School of Healthcare.

Linda is Reviews Editor for the journal Health and Social Care in the Community. She was a member of the NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowships panel for 5 years, and is currently a core panel member for the NIHR Postdoctoral Fellowships committee.