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Academic & Teaching

Ramzi Ajjan, Associate Professor and Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology

0113 343 7475

Mechanisms and modulation of increased thrombosis risk in diabetes.
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Robert Ariëns, Interim Head of DCDR, Wellcome Trust Investigator, and H. C. Hemker Visiting Professor (Maastricht).

0113 343 7734

Molecular mechanisms in haemostasis and thrombosis.
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David Buckley, Professor and Head of Division of Medical Physics

0113 343 2017

Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with a focus on tracer kinetic analysis of data acquired using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI.
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Richard Cubbon, Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist.

0113 343 0785

The impact of diabetes and insulin resistance on vascular function and repair.
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Hayley Duckles, Post-doctoral Research Fellow

0113 343 4173

Heme oxygenase-1 derived carbon monoxide and Cav3.1 T-type Ca2+ channels in proliferative vascular disorders
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Jacobo Elies Gomez, Research Fellow

0113 343 4173

Modulation of ion channels (T-type Ca(2+) channels, cardiac sodium channel Nav1.5) by gasotrasnmitters (CO, NO, and hydrogen sulfide) in physiological and pathological processes.
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Bara Erhayiem, Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Fellow

CADERA: Quantitative MRI to define mechanisms of cardiovascular co-morbidity in patients with early Rheumatoid Arthritis and to measure the effect of biological therapy
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Karen Forbes, Lecturer in Molecular Genetics

0113 343 9921

My research is focused on understanding how the maternal environment influences events in the placenta, leading to pregnancy complications such as maternal diabetes, and to DOHaD
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Peter Grant, Professor of Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician

0113 343 7721

Thrombotic aspects of insulin resistance and diabetes in relation to cardiovascular disease
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Darren C Greenwood, Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics

0113 343 1813

The development and application of statistical methods for advancing epidemiological research. Specifically hierarchical modelling focusing on perinatal & nutrition epidemiology & meta-analysis.
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John P Greenwood, Professor of Cardiology and Consultant Cardiologist

0113 392 5404

Clinical applications of Cardiovascular MR and Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.
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Marlous Hall, Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow and University Academic Fellow in Cardiovascular Survivorship

0113 343 8905

I am a Senior Epidemiologist with expertise in advanced analytical techniques applied to large scale healthcare data. I currently have a particular focus and interest in Cardiovascular Survivorship.
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Laura Hardie, Reader in Molecular Epidemiology

0113 343 7769

Role of diet, lifestyle and environmental exposures on child and maternal health and chronic disease risk.
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Mark Kearney, British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research and Institute Director

0113 343 7764

Our laboratory is exploring the mechanistic link between endothelial function and insulin resistance.
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Paul McKeegan, Metabolic/Reproductive Biologist

0113 343 8197

Biochemist investigating metabolic and transcriptomic changes during early oocyte development.
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Kapetanstrataki Melpo, Applied Health Research Statistician

Statistical analysis of paediatric data from all the PICUs in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
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Chris Peers, Professor

0113 343 4174

The roles and therapeutic potential of biologically active gases in cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.
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Helen Picton, Professor and Head of Division

0113 343 7817

Cell and molecular biology of female reproduction and preservation of fertility in health and disease.
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Sven Plein, Professor of Cardiology, British Heart Foundation Senior Clinical Research Fellow & Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

0113 3437720

Biomedical Imaging.
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Karen E Porter, Reader in Cardiovascular Cell Biology

0113 343 4806

Investigating aberrant cellular phenotype and function in cardiovascular remodelling and diabetes.
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John P Ridgway, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Visiting Senior Research Fellow

0113 343 8322

Magnetic Resonance Imaging with a special interest in cardiovascular applications.
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Sikha Saha, Lecturer and Director of MCRC Impact and Innovation

0113 343 4817

Cellular ischemia and related cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.
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Eleanor Scott, Senior Lecturer in Medicine and Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology

0113 343 7762

I investigate temporal influences affecting metabolism to understand how the circadian clock system is involved in the development of cardiometabolic disease.
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Jason Scragg, Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine

0113 343 5892

Regulation of ion channel activity and expression in cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration and cancer.
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Stephen Smye, Honorary Professor

0113 392 6519

Mathematical modelling in medicine (including chemotherapy, MRI) and Electromagnetic techniques in medicine (including electroporation).
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Laura Treadgold (nee Rhodes), Lecturer in Medical Physics, Lead for Student Education (LICAMM), Associate Director of Student Education (School of Medicine)

0113 343 8321

Bone & Body Composition
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Charalampos Tsoumpas, Royal Society Industry Fellow & Lecturer in Medical Imaging

0113 343 8312

Royal Society Industry Fellow - Lead for Enterprise & Innovation - Lecturer in Medical Imaging - Visiting Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai, NY
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Andrew Walker, Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Specialist Registrar in Cardiology.

0113 343 7708

The vascular effects of reducing IGF-1 receptor expression in the setting of insulin resistance.
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Stephen Wheatcroft, ERC Fellow | Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology | LICAMM Lead for Research

+44 (0)113 343 7760

Stephen is an academic interventional cardiologist and vascular biologist, leading a research group focussing on the role of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins in cardio-metabolic disease.
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