Workplace Based Assessments - Nudges and Feedback

Nudges and Feedback in Workplace Based Assessment

This workshop guides participants through the impact of nudges and feedback in assessment.

This is an interactive workshop where particpants will lead activities and practice giving feedback, how to spot 'at-risk' students and employ nudges to improve workplace learning and assessment.

The date and location for this workshop:

  • Monday 3rd December 2018 13:30-16:30
  • University of Leeds Medical School, Worsley Building, Level 9, 9.53

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Facilitator: Dr Jenn Hallam

This workshop is developed and run by the Leeds Institute of Medical Education at the University of Leeds

This workshop can be used to evidence the following areas for GMC accreditation:

3. Teaching and Facilitating Learning 4. Enhancing Learning through Assessment 5. SUpporting and Monitoring Educational Progress

This workshop can be used to evidence the following areas for AoME:

CORE: Respect for Learners DOMAIN: 2. Teaching and Supporting Learners 3. Assessment and Feedback to Learners