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Communication and Support for educators of our Medical and Physician Associate Students.

The TiMETOTEACH team can outreach those working within the healthcare environment who teach or would like to teach, within the MBChB and/or Diploma in PA studies.  

Through communications and showcasing various technological innovations, medical educators shall receive support in their teaching and an understanding of our curricula.

By actively visiting staff in trusts - visits to wards and clinics, and working in partnership, staff will gain awareness of how much their input is valued by our students thereby providing an excellent learning experience.

Visits can be tailored to needs - CPD activities; technological training; teaching tips; feedback.


This workshop also has been adapted and run as part of the CPD programme of events 2018-19

  • Thursday 4th October 2018 09:30-12:30
  • University of Leeds Medical School, Worsley Building, Level 8, 8.34A

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