Impact and Innovation

Our strategy is to make positive changes to national and international health policy and practice and to improve population and individual health and welfare. Our research benefits UK health policy makers and planners, health professionals, and populations in the UK and in low and middle income countries. Our research teams consider how to achieve impact from before the start of research through to after its completion. We undertake research with major potential for impact; much of our research is commissioned and focuses on priority health problems.

Our approach to facilitating impact has the following components:

  • Develop strategic partnerships at policy, primary and secondary care levels to help us identify priority problems and carry out real-world research, providing evidence that is useful for decision-making
  • Assemble appropriate multidisciplinary teams within a supportive multidisciplinary environment and use appropriate research designs to ensure research findings will be policy-relevant
  • Ensure effective end user involvement in research so that findings are widely applicable, users have ownership of findings and interventions are appropriate for context
  • Provide expert knowledge transfer support to staff to facilitate impact at all stages of research to support development and implementation of research uptake strategies
  • Translate research findings into materials appropriate for non-academics
  • Research into facilitation of knowledge transfer, and ensure findings inform our impact strategy.