Leeds Institute of Health Sciences has a national and international reputation for the methodological rigour and innovation of its research which is overwhelmingly problem-driven and applied. Our primary aim is to develop and apply the best available methods to address health and healthcare challenges of national and international importance. 

Applied Health Research has five main sub-themes:

An extensive network of national and international collaborations (including in developing countries) is fundamental to our research.  We integrate Personal and Public Involvement perspectives throughout the development, conduct and dissemination of our research to the wider public. Research on health inequalities cuts across academic groups within the Institute and other parts of the University. A significant number of our researchers are members of the Inequalities Research Network.

LIHS research strategy


Institute Research Lead: Professor Robbie Foy

Institute Research Manager: Dr Sarah Clark

Further Information

Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate students from the UK and overseas may study for research degrees in a wide range of health related areas. More information about postgraduate research in the institute.

LIHS Early Career Network

LIHS has an early career network which offers active peer support for early career researchers and academics and provide a formal link to the Institute’s Senior Management Committee. Further information for LIHS staff.

Further information for those external to LIHS

If you would like further information about the network, please contact Matthew Mulvey or Matthew Allsop. We are particularly keen to support the development of networks around the University of Leeds.