AMPHAST: development and application of Advanced Methodologies for strengthening the evidence base for PublicHealth Action in Societies under Transition: a Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Collaboration.

The AMPHAST Collaboration aims to develop and apply methods for:

  • Characterising the nature and magnitude of transition events within and between countries;
  • Evaluating the impact of transition events on health at different stages of the lifecourse;
  • Exploring the use of routine and bespoke observational data to examine these effects; and
  • Identifying the role such analyses might play in public health policy and practice


The AMPHAST Collaboration is developing:

  • Formal collaborative networks for sharing expertise, methods and data
  • Exchange programmes for graduate students and early career researchers
  • Grant applications to support methodological and empirical research
  • Online teaching material in advanced methods
  • Training workshops and scientific symposia