Postgraduate Research

A wide range of postgraduate research opportunities are available in all divisions within LICAMM, with a focus on research into common chronic diseases (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and reproductive health) in order to contribute to disease prevention and improvements in the delivery of patient care.

All LICAMM Postgraduate Research Students are welcomed into the LICAMM Early Career Group, which was setup as a support group in which career development is addressed for early career researchers within the LICAMM institute.

You can learn more about the LICAMM Early Career Group on their webpage.

Where to find information on Postgraduate Research

For general information about carrying out a postgraduate research degree in the Institute please visit the Faculty of Medicine and Health Graduate School webpage, or follow the more specific links below:

Further information about PhD opportunities in LICAMM can be obtained from Dr Mark Drinkhill, our Institute Academic Lead for Postgraduate Research Students:

Dr Mark Drinkhill