Impact and Innovation in LICAMM

LICAMM is committed to ensuring that basic research achieves its maximal impact. Harry Tsoumpas is Lead of Enterprise and Innovation in LICAMM and working together with the University Innovation Hubs, the Faculty of Medicine and Health, and in collaboration with other faculties within the University, aims to achieve translation of the Institute’s research with the support of Commercialisation Services. 

Research Grants

To see a view examples of the kind of translational research LICAMM staff are involved in, take a look at the Translational Research Projects page.  You can also see more information on the type of research LICAMM staff are involved in on our Research Grants page.

Underpinning our populations-based biomedical and applied health research, the Data Management Group (DMG) brings together academic researchers, information technologists, and data management and database expertise. 

Innovation Hubs

At the University of Leeds we have developed Research and Innovation sector hubs. The aim of which is to develop partnerships with industry, attract further investment, maximise the impact of our research and foster research excellence.

At the University we have 14 sector hubs. Those most relevant to LICAMM are within the healthcare cluster:

  • stratified medicine (or personalised medicine)
  • health services
  • medical technologies
  • pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical.
For more information please see the Innovation Hub website.

Latest events

Watch this space for upcoming events from the Impact and innovation.