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How to volunteer for dental treatment by students

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The School of Dentistry has a limited number of places available for volunteers for treatment by undergraduate dental students or dental hygiene and dental therapy students, as part of the students’ clinical education.

You may be eligible to volunteer for this service if you are not registered with a dentist in the region or your dentist has specifically advised you to register using this website. If you have received treatment recently at the School of Dentistry, this opportunity is not open to you.

To volunteer, you must first make an expression of interest by completing and submitting the online registration form. We will need your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and doctor’s details to arrange a screening appointment for you and to assess whether your dental and oral needs are suitable for student treatment. Please note that no appointment can be made if any of these details are missing. (Access our data protection policy for provision of student treatment here).

Volunteers undergo a 15-minute assessment (longer if an X-ray picture is required) to determine whether their dental needs match the treatments available on our undergraduate programmes. If it is found that there is such a match, the volunteer would be placed on an appropriate student waiting list and be required to sign a contract of agreement.

If you are found to be suitable for treatment by a student and are able to attend as required, the Institute may be able to offer you a single course of dental treatment such as scaling and polishing, fillings, crowns, bridges or veneers.

Once this course of treatment is completed, you will be discharged. If your treatment needs are not suitable for our students, you will not be accepted for treatment.

The waiting times for most forms of treatment are not excessively long, though there are some exceptions. Treatment is provided free of charge.

School of Dentistry reserves the right to close access to waiting lists for treatment by students at any time (this may occur within days of this notice appearing) and apologises in advance if we are unable to help you.

Registration for undergraduate treatment is currently open and we are accepting applications. 

Register to volunteer for student treatment

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