Discovery of Medical Sciences

As part of the Leeds Curriculum the School of Medicine (SoM) are proud to present to Leeds undergraduate students Medicine’s Discovery Modules.  We offer an ever increasing range of Discovery modules for undergraduate students not taking a medical degree which are designed to showcase some of the best elements of medical science and public health, and allow students to discover what the School of Medicine has to offer.  

Each Discovery module is designed to present a different area of Medical Science and Public Health and will allow Leeds undergraduate students to take a journey through the School of Medicine which could last throughout their undergraduate degree.  Modules are delivered by clinical and scientific experts presenting an introduction to new and exciting areas of study at level 1, 2 and 3.

For more information about any of the modules listed below including audio, video, lecture capture please contact the individual module leader by following the links through to the module catalogue.

Level 1 Discovery Modules:

MEDS1002: Introduction to Human Disease
Introduction to Medical imaging
The Public's Health: Medical, Social, Political
The Public's Health: Promotion, Prevention, Protection

Level 2 Discovery Modules:

CARD2010: Cardiovascular Pumps, Pipes and Electrics
Medical Imaging and Cancer

Level 3 Discovery Modules:

CARD3030: Integrated Cardiovascular Physiology
PHLT3125: Population Health:  principles and practice
MEDP3001: Cardiovascular Medical Imaging
MEDP3511: Digital Radiography and X-ray Computed Tomography
MEDP3517: Radionuclide Imaging
MEDP3514: Ultrasound Imaging