Dr Gina Doody

Associate Professor

+44 113 3438438

Summary: I lead the LICAP Molecular Immunology Group.

Location: Wellcome Trust Brenner Building

Teaching Commitments: MSc in Molecular Medicine (Lecturer and Module Leader)


Dr Doody’s laboratory is interested in the regulatory circuits governing the transition of B-cells to antibody-secreting plasma cells.

Dr Doody received her bachelor’s degree in 1991 from Chestnut Hill College and her PhD in 1997 from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. During her PhD, Dr Doody studied under Professor Douglas Fearon, first in Baltimore, USA, then completing her studies at the University of Cambridge where she examined the role of the B cell specific co-receptor, CD22, in antigen receptor signalling. Immediately following, Dr Doody began her postdoctoral research in immunology at The Babraham Institute in Cambridge where she worked in the laboratory of Dr Martin Turner investigating the role of Vav-2 in B lymphocyte activation and development.

Dr Doody joined the former Molecular Medicine Unit at the University of Leeds in 2001 where she held a MRC Training Fellowship. In 2004 Dr Doody was awarded a University Research Fellowship and joined the Section of Experimental Haematology in the former Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine as an independent investigator. Dr Doody has worked in close collaboration with Professor Reuben Tooze, also in the Section of Experimental Haematology, for a number of years. Together, the laboratories share an interest in the transcriptional regulation of terminal B cell differentiation.

Dr Doody is a member of The American Association of Immunologists (AAI) and the British Society for Immunology. She has been acting Chair of the Yorkshire Immunology Group, a regional subsidiary of the BSI, since 2008.

Dr Doody is the Academic Lead for the St James's campus Flow Cytometry Facility.