Jérémie Nsengimana

Research Fellow

+44(0)113 2066520

Summary: My research focuses on testicular cancer genetic susceptibility and melanoma biomarker discovery to inform stratified medicine.

Location: Cancer Genetics Building

Teaching Commitments: I teach undergraduate medical students on the RESS (Research Evaluation and Special Studies) module and I am a member of the Course Management Team for RESS3 (RESS for MChB 3rd year).


My work focuses on the design of statistical genetics methods and their application to several complex diseases in collaboration with other university departments and beyond. My current focus is finding genetic loci involved in testicular cancer aetiology and biomarkers of melanoma prognosis or response to new therapies. 

 I am also a member of the School of Medicine Equality and Inclusion committee, and with Dr Marjorie Boissinot represent the Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology.