Professor Julia Newton-Bishop

Professor of Dermatology

0113 206 4573

Summary: I work as a clinician, and I lead the LICAP Melanoma research group.

Location: Cancer Genetics Building, St James Hospital, Leeds

Teaching Commitments: Sporadic teaching of medical students. Teaching of trainees in the Dermatology and GP training scheme.


I work as a clinician in the Leeds Melanoma Multidisciplinary Team. I lead a research group at the University of Leeds, which is addressed to understanding melanoma genetics. We have published extensively on high-risk susceptibility genes and more recently on genome wide association studies. I have also been Chairman of the international melanoma genetics consortium GenoMEL ( since 1996. Under my leadership the consortium has successfully obtained funding from the NIH and from the EU under FP6. The last grant was for 10.5 million euros. This research has produced 4 Nature Genetics papers in the last 3 years.

Just as susceptibility to cancer is governed by heredity, and the environment, our hypothesis is that the probability of survival for cancer patients is also modified by heredity and the environment as well as variation in the biological characteristics of the tumours themselves. My current research in Leeds is directed towards understanding these modifiers. I have set up a second consortium called BioGenoMEL, which is intended to collect sufficient interested groups from around the world to address these issues.