Dr. John Davies

Dr. John Davies

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

+44(0)113 2066970

Summary: I work in the Statistics group investigating factors that influence outcome in melanoma

Location: Cancer Genetics Building


I use statistical models to better understand melanoma. For example, I am using genetic and clinical data for cohorts of melanoma cases to explore prognosis. I have a developing interest in associations between drugs and outcome, using cancer registry data. I am also involved in developing models for predicting the risk of melanoma and how this can be applied in a wider clinical setting. Research in melanoma epidemiology requires very large datasets and sample sets. I therefore collaborate closely with researchers from across the world as part of the GenoMEL, BioGenoMEL and MELGEN consortia and have been the lead author on several consortia papers. 

This is my first postdoctoral post. I completed my PhD, entitled “Statistical methods for matching protein-ligand binding sites”, in the Maths Department of the University of Leeds. As part of my studies I developed a score for comparing the similarity of two superimposed protein-ligand binding sites leading to a successful publication.