Laura Hardie

Laura Hardie

Reader in Molecular Epidemiology

0113 343 7769

Summary: Role of diet, lifestyle and environmental exposures on child and maternal health and chronic disease risk.

Location: Division of Epidemiology

Teaching Commitments: 1st year MBChB (IMS module group leader); MSc in Biostatistics and Epidemiology (Non-communicable disease epidemiology module); MBChB RESS3 tutor.



BSc, PhD

Recent Projects

  • Department of Health/Public Health England Policy Research Programme. Assessing iodine status and associated health outcomes in British women during pregnancy (2016-2019) Hardie LJ (PI), Greenwood D (co-PI), £1,400,000
  • MRC project grant. A UK on-line 24h dietary recall tool for population studies: development, validation and practical application (2011-2014) Cade, J. (PI), Hardie LJ (Co-I), Wark, P. (Co-I), Greenwood, D. (Co-I), Riboli E (Co-I), Alwan N (Co-I), £1,200,000.
  • European Food Safety Authority 2013-2014. Brera,C, Hardie LJ, Experimental study of deoxynivalenol biomarkers in urine. £35,000 (Leeds)

  • National Food Agency, Sweden 2012. Hardie, LJ (PI) Urinary DON analysis in a Swedish population £23,803 
  • NIH project grant. Barrett's Esophagus Adenocarcinoma Gene Environment GWAS Study (2010- 2013).Whiteman, D. (PI Brisbane), Vaughan, T (PI- Seattle),  Hardie LJ (PI Leeds)  et al., £20,000 Leeds 

  • EC Project grant NewGeneris 2006-2011 Hardie LJ (PI), McKinney, P (co-I), Hepworth, S (co-I). New Generis: Newborn genotoxic exposure risks £1,000,000 to Leeds (£11.0M overall)

  • Project Grant- Cancer Research UK to Hardie, LJ (PI) and Murray, LJ. (2009-2011) Is the IGF axis associated with the development of Barrett’s oesophagus? A pooled case:control study from the BEACON consortium.  £337,000