Dr Richard Cubbon

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist.

0113 343 0785

Summary: The impact of diabetes and insulin resistance on vascular function and repair.

Location: Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research

Teaching Commitments: - Principal supervisor to six PhD students - Deputy Director of LICAMM Cardiovascular and Diabetes PhD programme - Postgraduate Research Tutor in LICAMM - Annual supervision of intercalating MBChB students - Teaching responsibilities in Cardiovascular and Diabetes PhD programme, Cardiovascular Intercalated MBChB, and Clinical MBChB programme.




Research Area

The rising prevalence of diabetes and insulin resistance pose a major threat to individual and public health. In spite of contemporary therapies, people with diabetes experience major cardiovascular events 15 years prematurely, and are twice as likely to die after sustaining such an event. My lab aims to develop novel therapeutic approaches to prevent or regress vascular disease in this population, using pharmacologic or cell-based therapies. Major themes of our work include: 1) understanding mechanisms of abnormal growth factor signalling during blood vessel development; 2) exploring the role metabolic dysregulation ! in atherosclerosis; 3) developing methods to augment the efficacy of autologous cell-based therapies. I also have research interests in heart failure and the emerging field of cardio-oncology.

Recent Projects

1. British Heart Foundation Project Grant (PG/15/73/31743). Examining the mechanisms underpinning protection from atherosclerosis in mice with increased endothelial cell insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor expression. £267,233 over 3 years commencing January 2016. Wheatcroft SB, Kearney MT, Yuldasheva NY, Cubbon RM, Beech DJ.

2. British Heart Foundation Project Grant (PG/15/62/31653). Increasing IGFBP1 levels as a strategy to promote therapeutic angiogenesis in diabetes. £222,000 over 3 years commencing January 2016. Wheatcroft SB, Cubbon RM, Kearney MT, Beech DJ.

3. British Heart Foundation Programme Grant (RG/15/7/31521). Manipulating insulin like growth factor-1 and hybrid receptor expression as a therapeutic strategy to control insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular repair. £1.43M over 5 years commencing September 2015. Kearney MT, Wheatcroft SB, Beech DJ, Fishwick C, Cubbon RM, Grant PJ.

4. British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellowship for Dr Peysh Patel (FS/15/9/31092). Targeting Shc homology 2-containing inositol 5ยด phosphatase 2 to enhance vascular repair. £182,131 over 3 years commencing September 2015. Cubbon RM, Kearney MT

5. British Heart Foundation Strategic Initiative (SI/14/2/30718). Strategic Infrastructure bid for a Centre for Translational Cardiovascular Imaging in Leeds. £1.8 million. Plein S, Stewart P, Kearney M, Beech D, Fisher J, Ingham I, Greenwood J, Peckham M, Buckley D, Grant P, Ariens R, Wheatcroft S, Steele D, Turner N, Bon R, Cubbon R

6. British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellowship for Dr Andrew Walker (FS/14/10/30472). Examining the effect of reducing IGF-1 receptor expression in late outgrowth endothelial progenitor cells from insulin resistant humans. £168,547 over 3 years commencing August 2014. Cubbon RM, Kearney MT.

7. British Heart Foundation Project Grant (PG/13/52/30346). Properties and roles of tunnelling nanotubes in vascular endothelial cells. £139,338 over 1.5 years commencing February 2014. McKeown L, Beech DJ, Tomlinson D, Cubbon RM, Gilthorpe M, Yuldasheva N.

8. British Heart Foundation Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowship (FS/12/80/29821). Does cellular insulin signalling modulate endogenous vascular repair and endothelial progenitor cell function via interaction with VEGF signalling? £723,221 over 5 years. Cubbon RM

9. British Heart Foundation Clinical PhD studentship for Dr Noman Ali (FS/12/51/29584). Examining the effect of NADPH oxidase and NOX2 inhibition on endothelial regeneration in an in vivo model of whole body insulin resistance. £161,644 over 3 years commencing March 2013. Cubbon RM, Kearney MT.