Dr Steven Sourbron

Dr Steven Sourbron

Lecturer in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

0113 343 6063

Summary: Quantitative Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI

Location: Division of Medical Physics

Teaching Commitments:
MEDP3310/3510: Introduction to Medical Imaging
MEDP3518/5318M: Medical Image Analysis
MEDP3512/5312M: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Module leader
MEDP3310/3510: Introduction to Medical Imaging
MEDP3509: Research project




Research Area

The objective in dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) is to measure hemodynamic parameters (tissue perfusion, vascularity, permeability, etc.) from MRI images acquired at high temporal resolution during the injection of an contrast agent. Clinically, the measured parameters characterize tissue function or metabolic activity, and may be used to improve diagnosis, to plan interventions or therapy, or serve as biomarkers to evaluate the response to therapy. My work is situated on three different levels: (i) Development of methods to improve the accuracy and precision of the measured parameters, and extract a maximum amount of information on tissue status. (ii) Implementation and evaluation of those methods in clinical, preclinical and experimental studies, in collaboration with clinical partners. (iii) Development of software tools to streamline the interaction between method development and clinical application.

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Widening Participation

Organisation of the event "Magnetic Vision" for the Leeds Festival of Science.