Dr Eleanor Scott

Dr Eleanor Scott

Senior Lecturer in Medicine and Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology

0113 343 7762

Summary: I investigate temporal influences affecting metabolism to understand how the circadian clock system is involved in the development of cardiometabolic disease.

Location: Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research

Teaching Commitments: Training Programme Director in Diabetes and Endocrinology Yorkshire Deanery, Leeds University (2012- 2015) RCP Regional Postgraduate Training course for Specialist Registrars in Diabetes and Endocrinology Course co-organiser - 4 days/year (2003- to date) MRCP PACES National Examiner




Research Area

My research examining the role of circadian rhythm disruption in the development of insulin resistance and vascular disease, with particular focus on the molecular clock and the sleep/wake cycle to date includes human genetic association studies, basic science, and a clinical translational arm to examine how manipulation of the circadian environment and clock system may be used therapeutically to provide clinical benefit to patients with diabetes.

I lead the TIME (Temporal Influences on Metabolic Effects) research group, together with Dr Graham Law (Head of Biostatistics) and Dr George Ellison (Lifecourse Epidemiologist and Circadian Biologist).  We are taking a multidisciplinary approach linking basic and population science to understand more closely the lifestyle behaviour of sleep and other circadian environmental factors and how they relate to fetal and maternal health in the context of diabetic pregnancy, as well as long-term health and the development of cardiometabolic disease. Utilising lifecourse statistical epidemiological approaches we are exploring the complex relationship between sleep/activity, the circadian environment and glucose control and their impact on health and wellbeing, and in doing so laying the groundwork for subsequent interventional studies of sleep and modification of the circadian environment to improve cardiometabolic health.

Widening Participation

Selected Invited lectures:  

Genetic and environmental circadian influences on cardiometabolic disease
Royal Society of Medicine, London 2015

Applying continuous glucose monitoring  to better understand the glucose profiles associated with macrosomia.

International Diabetes in Pregnancy Symposium, Berlin, Germany 2015

Circadian clocks, obesity and cardiometabolic function
International Group on Insulin Secretion International Symposium, Nice, France, 2015

Glycaemic Profiles Associated with Macrosomia in Diabetic Pregnancy: old problems, new concepts
Royal Society of Medicine, London 2014

Genetic and environmental circadian influences on cardiometabolic disease
The Rank Prize Funds Symposium on Metabolism and Circadian Rhythms, Lake District, UK, 2014

Challenging Cases in Gestational Diabetes
Royal College of Physicians,
London, UK 2012

The role of the circadian clock in the development of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease
International Conference of Royal Medical Services
Dead Sea, Jordan 2012

Meeting the need for better diabetes pregnancy outcomes by organised pre-conception care.
International Conference of Royal Medical Services
Dead Sea, Jordan 2012

Preconception and Postpartum – a Growing Problem for Primary Care
Keynote Lecture
Diabetes UK Primary Care Conference, UK, 2011

Human clock gene polymorphisms and the metabolic syndrome
Plenary Lecture
British Endocrine Society Annual Scientific Conference
Manchester, UK, 2010

Clocks, melatonin and metabolism
Gordon Research Conference on Pineal cell biology
Texas, USA 2010

Biological rhythms, lifestyle choices and insulin resistance
Keynote Lecture
Diabetes UK Primary Care Conference UK, November 2009

Clock gene polymorphisms and the metabolic syndrome
Cambridge Institute of Metabolic Science – external lecture series
Cambridge, UK, October 2009

Old and New Hormones
European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.
Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Clock genes and Diabetes
AA Medicine World Congress
Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2009

Clock Polymorphisms and the Metabolic Syndrome
Gordon Research Conference in Chronobiology
Aussois, France, 2007

Insulin resistance Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: a unifying hypothesis
4th World Congress on the Insulin Resistance Syndrome
Las Vegas, USA, 2006

Chair of ATHENA Swan Charter LICAMM Self Assessment Team (2012-2015)
A scheme to recognise and share good practice on gender equality in Science, Engineering and Technology, within higher education employment, through optimising best practice in organisational culture, promotion, supporting researchers and work-life balance. The purpose of this role is to lead LICAMM to successfully apply for an Athena Silver Award, thus ensuring we are eligible for future research funding from MRC/NIHR.

Clinical Activity
I hold an honorary contract with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust as a Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology My clinical activity lies predominantly in the management of diabetes and vascular risk in women preconception and during pregnancy, together with reproductive endocrinology (e.g. polycystic ovary syndrome, menstrual disorders, infertility).

I am passionate about developing the Diabetes Preconception and Antenatal services that I provide and I give direction and leadership to the multi-disciplinary team working with me in these areas. We won the All Party Parliamentary Group Maternity Services Awards for National Multidisciplinary Team of the Year 2012, for our outstanding Diabetes in Pregnancy Service. Under my leadership we have developed new local clinical guidelines and documentation for use in routine clinical practice, patient and GP information leaflets, patient awareness posters and delivered primary care workshops.

I have worked locally and nationally to help address issues surrounding the lack of preconception diabetes care with the aim of improving the poor pregnancy outcomes for women with diabetes. Locally I have run campaigns aimed at GPs and practice nurses to raise awareness in of the problems seen with diabetes and pregnancy and the need for preconception care/planning. This has involved developing patient awareness posters and leaflets that were then sent out to all GP practices in Leeds as well as organising meetings and giving many talks and workshop style teaching sessions on the subject, both on my own and with the rest of the MDT. As a result of my local work I was invited to participate in a National working group for NHS Diabetes to develop solutions to these issues. This ran for two years and resulted in the development of commissionable care pathways for preconception and pregnancy care, patient and health care worker information, patient awareness posters and leaflets, together with setting up a website (see below) which won an award for 'Best Partnership Working' in the Communication Health Awards 2011.

I am the regional Chair of the NHS Diabetes, Diabetes in Pregnancy Network group and represent the group on the National Network Committee. I review grants in this area for NIHR as well as act as peer review for papers. This work feeds into my teaching on the MBChB, as a SAFER Medic Tutor, in the RESS summer school and also as a Module leader on the Masters in Lifestyle, Aging and Reproductive Health.

Widening participation activities and impact in relation to clinical work:

Co-investigator on a grant awarded by The Health Foundation (2012-2013)
PROCEEDing: spreading the learning from PROCEED (Preconception Care for Diabetes)
Exploring the barriers and facilitators to providing integrated preconception care for diabetes.

NHS Diabetes, Diabetes in Pregnancy Network National Committee (2012-)

NHS Diabetes, Diabetes in Pregnancy Network group – Regional Chair (2012-)

NHS Diabetes, Diabetes Preconception Care Task Force National Working group (2009-11)

Preconception care: highlighting the issues
Co-organiser and speaker at interactive event for GPs, Practice Nurses and Commissioners
NHS Diabetes - Improving Diabetes through Primary Care Event
Leeds, January 2013

Yorkshire and Humber Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinical Network meeting
Organiser, speaker, chair and facilitator.
Leeds, February 2013

Yorkshire Diabetes In Pregnancy (YDIP) Annual Conference
Conference Planning Committee (2003 to date)

Preconception and Obstetric care in Diabetes – what’s new?
Invited talk. Diabetes Update, 2011, Leeds

Meeting the need for better diabetes pregnancy outcomes by organised pre-conception care.
Invited lecture Hot Topics in Diabetes Meeting, 2010, Rotherham

Pregnancy planning in women with Type 2 Diabetes: contraception, pre-conception and beyond.
Invited lecture Practice Nurse meeting 2009, Leeds

Pregnancy planning in young women with diabetes.
Invited lecture.Transitional Care Conference, 2009,Leeds.

Type 2 diabetes, managing vascular risk and preconception planning.
Invited lecture. H3 Commissioners meeting, Leeds 2009

Pregnancy planning in women with diabetes- lost in translation?
Delivered workshops. An interactive evening with the Diabetes Pre-Conception team, 2009, Leeds

Pregnancy planning in women with diabetes- lost in translation?
Invited lecture. TARGET meeting 2009, Leeds

Diabetes in Pregnancy and Preconception Planning
Invited lecture. Medical diseases in pregnancy course 2003- to date, Leeds

The importance of preconception planning for diabetic pregnancy
Ran a local poster campaign to all GP practices in Leeds, 2007-9
Supported by unrestricted pharmaceutical funding from Abbott