Professor Helen Philippou

Professor Helen Philippou

0113 343 7768

Summary: Understanding mechanisms of thrombosis and development of novel safer antithrombotic therapeutics.

Location: Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research

Teaching Commitments: Supervision of PhD Students. SSC Literature Reviews. Undergraduate Research projects.



BSc (Hons), PhD

Research Area

My research since 1992 has focused on understanding mechanisms of thrombosis, in particular to the coagulation pathway. Currently my group is looking into the discovery of novel therapeutics against thrombosis that will be taken orally and will have safer bleeding profiles than other antithrombotics currently available or in development. I am also interested in understanding novel mechanisms that regulate the activity of coagulation factors. In addition, we are investigating hyperhomocysteinemia with respect to understanding its role in clot formation and its stability. Overall, we have established many methodologies that enable us to investigate clot formation and its stability in vitro and in vivo. These methodologies are being used to understand the nature of protein-protein interactions and other mechanisms involved in the coagulation pathway with respect to blood clot formation and its ability to be lysed by the fibrinolyitc pathway.

Widening Participation

I am Commercialisation Lead of the Leeds’ Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre (MCRC).

In addition to generation of IP with respect to my own group's research, I am also engaging other academics to identify aspects of their own research that has commercialisation potential.