Dr Darren C Greenwood

Dr Darren C Greenwood

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics

0113 343 1813

Summary: The development and application of statistical methods for advancing epidemiological research.

Location: Division of Biostatistics

Teaching Commitments: I am involved to a greater or lesser extent in the following postgraduate and undergraduate modules: MSc in Health Research: MEDR5120M, Analytic research (twice a year). MEDR5130M, Intervention research (twice a year). MEDR5140M, Statistical inference. MEDR5150M, Statistical modelling. MSc in Epidemiology & Biostatistics: MEDR5025M, Multlevel & latent variable modelling. EPIB5030M, Professional spine. EPIB5001M, Research project. EPIB5034M, Mini-project. Masters in Public Health: MEDR5200M, Health research methods. MSc in Child Health: CPCH5007M, Research methods and medical statistics. Bsc in Clinical Physiology: HECS2020, Quantitative Methods in Health Service Research. MbChB: Extended Student-led Research or Evaluation Project (ESREP). Research, Evaluation & Special Studies module 3 (RESS3).




Research Area

Current research includes meta-analysis of observational studies, statistical methods applied to nutrition epidemiology, pooling individual participant data across several epidemiological studies, handling measurement error, missing data problems including multiple imputation. Most of these issues can be conveniently dealt with within a Bayesian framework.