Dr George Ellison

Dr George Ellison

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

0113 343 3876

Location: Leeds Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine & Leeds Institute for Data Analytics





Education and Training Area Summary

Biomedical statistical analytics; Causal path analysis; Evidence-based medicine; Multidisciplinary study design; Synthesis of quantitative and qualitative research findings; Research ethics and governance; Public and user involvement in research and evaluation; Research dissemination. 

Education and Training Area Depth

Co-Lead (with Dr Dan Stark) of Research, Evaluation and Special Studies (RESS) MBChB Strand

Co-Lead (with Dr Mark Iles) of MBChB RESS Year 3 Module

Co-Deputy Lead (with Dr Richard Feltbower, Dr Darren Greenwood, Dr Peter Tennant and Prof Mark Gilthorpe) of MSc in Health Data Analytics

Lead of MSc in Health Data Analytics Research Project Module

Contributor to MBChB RESS1 and RESS2; RESS1 and RESS2/3 Special Studies Projects; and to the MBChB Extended Student-selected Research and Evaluation Project (ESREP)

Co-Supervisor of MSc and PhD research projects


Research Area Summary

Causal inference in data analytics; Data synthesis; Evidence-based decision-makingMultidisciplinary mixed-methods (process and outcome) evaluations; Public Health; Critical Data Studies; Science and Technology Studies/Social Studies of Knowledge; Public engagement.


Research Area Depth


[Please see below for details of recent publications]

Public engagement activities include: contributions to radio and television programmes; presentations at Science Festivals and Les Cafés Scientifique; and articles in popular magazines and newspapers. These include:

CogX Festival 2018 Turing Stage - "Predict to prepare, but not (necessarily) to prescribe":

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRVQgyB9yvU - from 5h49m17s onwards


BBC Radio 4 - "The Colour coded prescription":



BBC2/Open University - "How can we be healthier?:



Otley Science Café - "The epidemiology of firework injuries":



BBC2/Open University - "Growing up with ideas of 'race'":



BBC Radio 4 - "Blood and fire":


Royal Statistical Society's "Significance" magazine - "Medicine in black and white: BiDil®: race and the limits of evidence‐based medicine":