Professor Peter Grant

Professor of Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician

0113 343 7721

Summary: Thrombotic aspects of insulin resistance and diabetes in relation to cardiovascular disease

Location: Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research

Teaching Commitments: Intercalated BSc in Clinical Sciences "Death" Module Lecture and Meet the Patient session. Intercalated BSc 2nd year Essay Projects. IMS1, year 1 MBChB Aetiology of Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes. Bedside teaching




Recent Projects

Oct 2011-Sept 2016 European Framework 7 Chronotherapeutic lifestyle intervention for diabetes and obesity to reset the circadian rhythm and improve cardiomeabolic risk in the European working popuation "EuRhythDia," Consortium with European Colleagues (R Boeger PI) 600,000 euros
Apr 2011-Mar 2014 British Heart Foundation Non-Clinical PhD Studentship (FS11/5/28611) (with K Smith)
The functional role of fibrinogen phosphorylation in thrombus formation
Funding for a non-clinical PhD student (Ms Esther Cooke) £97,159
Oct 2010-Sep 2013 British Heart Foundation Non-Clinical PhD Studentship (FS/10/020/28242) (with R Ajjan and K Standeven)
A new paradigm in the relationship between clot structure and fibrinolysis: Molecular mechanisms for altered clot structure/function in Bb-chain genetic variants of fibrinogen
Funding for a non-clinical PhD student (Ms Katie Grenhalgh) £97,070
Mar 2010-Feb 2011 National Institute for Health Research Invention for Innovation (i4i) Future Product Development 1 (II-FS-0909-13095)
(with G Jose (PI) A Jha, DP Steenson, A Marshall)
Non-invasive glucose monitoring using thin film laser £100,000
May 2010-Apr 2015 British Heart Foundation Programme Grant (RG/09/010/28087) (with MT Kearney (PI), D Beech, SB Wheatcroft, R Sivaprasadarao)
Endothelial cell insulin sensitivity nitric oxide bioavailability and atherosclerosis £830,856
Feb 2010-March 2011 Diabetes UK Small Project Grant (09/0003924) (with AJ Balmforth, KF Standeven, N Hooper [FBS, Leeds])
The role of neprilysin in adipocyte physiology and the mechanisms underlying its release into plasma: potential as a new adipokine? £14,899
Jan 2010-Dec 2011 British Heart Foundation Project Grant (PG/09/020) (with R Ajjan, KF Standeven, R Storey [Sheffield])
Modulation of Clot Structure and Platelet Function by Aspirin in Individuals with Diabetes: The Role of Aspirin Dose and Glycaemic Control £144,214
Feb 2009-Jan 2012 British Heart Foundation Clinical Training Fellowship (FS098/076/26287) (with EM Scott)
Exploring the effect of the molecular clock on endothelial function: studies in mice with endothelial specific, inducible mutation of Clock.
Funding for a Clinical Training Fellow (Dr Madhu (Honey) Prasai) £163,692
Oct 2008- Sept 2011 British Heart Foundation Project Grant (PG/08/052/25172)
(with H Philippou, RJ Pease and V Ridger, [Sheffield])
Regulation of factor XIIIa activity by plasmin: characterisation of proteolytic cleavage sites and functional influence on clot stabilisation £178,086
Apr 2009- Mar 2012 British Heart Foundation Programme Grant (RG/08/004/25292)
(with H Philippou, RAS Ariens)
Inhibition of factor XIII/fibrin interactions: impact on in vitro and in vivo thrombus formation  £316,151
Oct 2008-Sep 2011 British Heart Foundation PhD Studentship (FS/08/050/25667)
(with C Jackson [Bristol], RJ Pease)
Roles of blood clotting factor XIIIA and of fibrin in the stabilization and repair of atherosclerotic plaques
(Ms L Newell) £90,665
Oct 2008-Sep 2011 Heart Research UK PhD Studentship
(with CWG Fishwick [Chemistry, Leeds], RJ Pease)
The design and synthesis of inhibitors of blood clotting factor XIIIA
(Mr C Avery) £80,000
July 2007 – June 2011 British Heart Foundation Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowship (Dr S Wheatcroft) (FS/07/046) (with MT Kearney)
Exploring the effects of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 on endothelial nitric oxide production, endothelial dysfunction and the development of atherosclerosis. £582,425