Dr Charalampos Tsoumpas

Dr Charalampos Tsoumpas

Royal Society Industry Fellow & Lecturer in Medical Imaging

0113 343 8312

Summary: Royal Society Industry Fellow - Lead for Enterprise & Innovation - Lecturer in Medical Imaging - Visiting Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai, NY

Location: 6.35 LIGHT Labs

Teaching Commitments:
School of Medicine:
Radionuclide Imaging (MEDP5317M & MEDP3517, Module Leader);
MSc Research Projects (MEDP5330M, Module Leader);
Core Skills (MEDP3519 & MEDP3319);
BSc Research Projects;
Medical Imaging & Cancer (MEDP2001)

School of Mechanical Engineering:
Medical Engineering Design (MECH3225);
Cross Disciplinary Laboratory Placement (MECH5002M);
Industrial Research Project (MECH5003M);
Systematic Review (MECH5007M);
Research Project Proposal (MECH5009M);

School of Physics:
Research Project (PHYS5014M)

Organiser of External Teaching Courses:
One-day short course in Medical Image Reconstruction: Theory & Practice. 2017 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA.
Educational workshop in PET-MRI image reconstruction, Leeds, September 2016.
One-day short course in Image Reconstruction: Theory & Practice. 2015 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference, San Diego, CA, USA.
Delivered the PET-CT module for the e-learning project e-IRMER developed by Health Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare programme in partnership with the Institute of Physics in Engineering & Medicine, April 2015.
2nd International Training school on PET-MR engineering, Leeds, 27-30 April, 2015.
One-day short course in Image Reconstruction: Theory & Practice. 2014 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference, Seattle, WA, USA.
International Training school on PET-MR engineering, Athens, 13-16 May 2014.

Invited Dissemination & Outreach Activities in 2018:
The role of PET image reconstruction in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, MediSens: The European Medical Imaging Conference, London (February)

Invited Dissemination & Outreach Activities in 2017:
Image Reconstruction for PET Images with High Resolution, 2nd Jagiellonian Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Subatomic Physics, Kraków, Poland (June)
Image-based motion tracking for PET, UK Radiological Congress, Manchester (June)
Positron emission tomography in the new era of big data: Recent developments & prospects towards translation into the clinic, University of Tohoku, Japan (May)
Positron emission tomography in the new era of big clinical data, University of Surrey, Guildford (January)

Invited Dissemination & Outreach Activities in 2016:
Positron emission tomography: Recent developments & prospects towards translation into clinical practice, Annual Scientific and Networking Meeting: Up and Coming Techniques in Medical Physics Translated into Clinical Practice, Institute of Physics, Medical Physics Group, London (December): Medical Physics Web Highlight
Motion Correction for PET/MR. British Chapter of ISMRM, Leeds (September)
Advanced Image Reconstruction for Dedicated Brain PET Imagers. Wuhan, Hubei, China (June)
Advanced Image Reconstruction for PET and PET-MR devices. ETH Zurich, Switzerland (June)
Imaging Positrons Inside the Human Body. University of Sussex, Brighton (May)
Strategies in Partial Volume Correction & Motion Correction in PET/CT & PET/MR. Odense, Denmark (April)
PET Image Reconstruction. Keynote Lecture & Mentor at the Workshop on Brazil/UK scientific collaboration: The future of molecular imaging, Recife, Brazil (March)
Imaging Positrons Inside the Human Body. Café Scientifique, New Headingley Club, Leeds (January)



PhD DIC MSc MPhys FHEA, Senior Member IEEE

Research Area

Dr Charalampos (Harry) Tsoumpas has studied and worked in the field of human molecular imaging since 2002. He obtained his PhD from Imperial College London in 2008. His interests revolve around the research methodology for quantitative Positron Emission Tomography (PET). He is passionate in pioneering the development of human molecular imaging with PET for the creation of disruptive and cutting edge technologies that will significantly evolve clinical research and healthcare in several fields of Biomedicine (e.g. Cardiovascular Medicine, Neuroscience and Oncology). He has been recently awarded a four years Royal Society Industry Fellowship.

Citations of research outcomes

Research expertise & professional network

Research output & research network

Recent Projects

Four years Royal Society Industry Fellowship to work with Imanova Ltd, now part of Invicro & Konica Minolta on Novel Reconstruction Algorithms.

VIVOIMAG: Multimodal imaging of the in vivo fate of bone transplants. A European Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Research & Innovation Staff Exchange project led by Dr George Loudos.

STIR: Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction: This is the most widely used open access software for PET image reconstruction. Its main publication, Thielemans, Tsoumpas, et al (2012), received the 2017 Rotblat Medal as the most cited research paper published by Physics in Medicine & Biology (InstP & IPEM) out of more than 3,000 articles since 2012. Dr Tsoumpas is co-administrator and member of the development team. He co-organises an annual User's meeting during the IEEE Medical Imaging Conference. 

Cardiovascular PET-MR Imaging: This is an area of research led by Professor Zahi A. Fayad, Director of the Translational & Molecular Imaging Institute, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, where Dr Tsoumpas holds a visiting academic appointment on PET-MR quantification to support a 5-years NIH grant.

CCP-PET-MR: Dr Tsoumpas is a Working Group Member of this collaborative computational project which aims at developing a platform for synergistic PET-MR reconstruction. In addition, Dr Tsoumpas is Co-investigator of a recently awarded Flagship Project which aims to develop a framework for efficient synergistic spatiotemporal reconstruction of PET-MR dynamic data. He co-organises Training Schools and Workshops on this theme. Both projects are led by Dr Kris Thielemans (UCL) and funded by EPSRC.

FAST TD1401 COST Action: FAST aims to establish an interdisciplinary network that brings together experts from different fields of interest in order to develop photon instrumentation with an unparalleled timing precision of less than 100 ps. Dr Tsoumpas is the UK member of the Management Committee and of the Core Group as coordinator of the dissemination and outreach activities.

Crystal Clear: An active international academic research collaboration initiated and managed at CERN. Among many research areas it is involved in the research and development of novel materials for medical imaging.

SAFIR: An active collaboration led by ETH Zurich which aims to building an innovative, high rate PET insert for MRI to be used for quantitative dynamic small animal imaging inside the bore of a commercial 7T MRI preclinical Bruker 70/30 scanner at the University Zurich. The project targets an unprecedented temporal resolution (about 5 seconds) and truly simultaneous PET/MR acquisition.

Completed Projects

SUBLIMA FP7 EU & HYPERimage FP7 EU: Dr Tsoumpas worked on the development of novel correction methods for non rigid patient motion during PET-MR scanning. His was the first to demonstrate correction for non-rigid motion of PET images using motion field estimations derived from simultaneously acquired MR images. His software developments have been incorporated in STIR library.

PET-MRI TD1007 COST Action: Dr Tsoumpas was the UK representative and the co-chair of the corresponding software workgroup. He has hosted six short-term scientific missions of early stage researchers.

Widening Participation Activities

STEMnet Ambassador: Actively promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Primary and Secondary Education.

Social Mobility Foundation: Providing internship experience to academically-talented disadvantaged students in order to achieve their potential via a structured program.

Scientists for Global Responsibility: From 2006 to 2017, Dr Tsoumpas was an active member of the national coordinating committed of an independent UK-based membership organisation that carries out research, education, and advocacy work in order to promote ethical science, design and technology, based on the principles of openness, accountability, peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability.