Rebecca Walwyn

Rebecca Walwyn

Principal Statistician

0113 343 5485

Summary: Principal Statistician in the Complex Interventions Division, main point of contact in LICTR for teaching related queries

Location: 10.79, Level 10, Worsley Building


Rebecca joined the Complex Interventions Division in the Clinical Trials Research Unit at Leeds in January 2011. Her time is split between trials, teaching and methodological research. She leads the monthly stats methodology meetings and the weekly methodology discussion group meetings.  

Rebecca was previously a statistician at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London from 2001 to 2010, initially in the Department of Biostatistics and Computing and then from 2003 in the Mental Health and Neuroscience Clinical Trials Unit. During this time she worked for the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (2001-2002), completed a PhD at University of Manchester (MRC fellowship, 2006-2010) and was seconded to the MRC CTU (2009-2010).

Alongside her portfolio of trials research (e.g. AFFINITIE, DCM-EPIC, TIGA-CUB), Rebecca is building a teaching portfolio (Lead: EPIB3036 “Introduction to Clinical Trials”; Co-lead: RESS1 (MBChB) “Research, Evaluation and Special Studies”) and a portfolio of associated methodological research. Rebecca oversees research on the design of early-phase trials of complex interventions and on open-cohort cluster-randomised trials, both funded by the MRC.