Dr Ian M Carr

Lecturer in Medical Bioinformatics

0113 343 8607

Summary: Lecturer in Medical Bioinformatics

Location: WTBB, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds

Teaching Commitments: MEDM5101: Research informatics and dissemination.


After training as a molecular biologist, and working within teams in Leeds that identified genes causing cleft palate and microcephaly, I gradually became aware of the need for “better” (meaning simpler) computer programmes to address the practical needs of the molecular biologist.

I became proficient in a number of programming languages, in order to create bespoke applications that automate “trivial” but time consuming data analysis tasks.

With the release of the .NET languages, I have decided to concentrate on this platform, in order to allow very rapid application development. I am a Microsoft Certificated Solutions Developer. This has allowed me to generate very quick solutions to key bottlenecks in day-to-day data analysis (e.g. both sequence and genotyping data) and clinical data collection using both standalone and web based applications. To date I have published numerous software application that analysis data from a wide disciplines such as autozygosity mapping, Sanger and NGS sequencing, epigenetics, copy number analysis and transcriptional control.