Professor Louise Dye

Professor Louise Dye

Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour
N8 Agrifood Programme Theme 3 Chair in Nutrition & Behaviour Change

+44(0)113 3435707

Summary: Louise Dye is the N8 Chair ( and Professor of Nutrition and Behaviour. She is a biological psychologist who studies the effects of diet/food intake on cognition and health.

Location: Room 1.22, Psychology Building

Teaching and responsiblities

Louise has taught at all levels in the School of Psychology and has expertise in research methods and statistics as well as teaching the following modules:

PSYC3535: Cognition and Nutrition 

PSYC3517: Approaches to Nutrition and Behaviour 

PSYC5642: Food and Health (Masters module)

PSYC3509: Reproductive Psychology


She also supervises undergraduate and masters research projects and systematic research reviews.