Professor Louise Dye

Professor Louise Dye

Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour
N8 Agrifood Programme Theme 3 Chair in Nutrition & Behaviour Change

+44(0)113 3435707

Summary: Louise Dye is the N8 Chair ( and Professor of Nutrition and Behaviour. She is a biological psychologist who studies the effects of diet/food intake on cognition and health.

Location: Room 1.22, Psychology Building


The Human Appetite Research Unit (HARU) conducts research which directly addresses major issues of concern to society, the impact of food on health in terms of cognitive function and wellbeing and also appetite/satiety, body weight control and obesity where she makes a particular contribution. Louise’s research focuses on key concerns of the food industry and government, specifically the evaluation of food and food components and their effects on appetite control, cognitive function and wellbeing. There are few research groups in the world who are able to examine the effects of food on appetite control concurrently with glycaemic response and cognitive function. This places her research partnership with Dr Clare Lawton in a unique position with clear knowledge transfer opportunities. With colleagues in the NHS, Louise is examining cognition and diet in relation to phenylketonuria, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, PCOS and infertility.

During the period 2001- 2017 she has been the PI or Co-I on a large number of research grants plus 3 Strategic Partnerships with a total value of over £5million:

  • The Food Industry (16)
  • Cerebra and other charities (4)
  • MRC (1)
  • ESRC/MRC fellowship (1)
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership (1)
  • Food Standards Agency (1)
  • Strategic Partnerships (3)

Her research has resulted in more than 65 peer-reviewed publications in quality journals and more than a dozen contributions to books. She has recently edited  a text book:  Best T and Dye L (2015) Nutrition for Brain Health and Cognitive Performance .