Dr Anna Weighall

Dr Anna Weighall

Lecturer, Lead Postgraduate Research Tutor

+44(0)113 343 5689

Summary: Dr Weighall is a cognitive developmental psychologist researching the relationships between sleep, memory and learning, spoken language development and vocabulary acquisition in children and adults.

Location: Room 1.23, Psychology Building


DPhil Psychology, University of York; BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of York

Anna Weighall gained a DPhil in Psychology from University of York, supervised by Professor Gerry Altmann within the Psycholinguistics Research Group.  During her PhD she investigated children’s comprehension of complex spoken sentences (relative clauses) using the visual world eyetracking paradigm.  She worked as Lecturer in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University before joining the School of Psychology at Leeds in 2013.

Anna is a member of the Language and Memory Lab, and the Health and Social Group.  She represents Psychology at sleepResearch@Leeds and Language @ Leeds .  Her research interests are broadly concerned with sleep, memory, language learning and development in children and adults.  Her work contributes predominantly to the ‘Successful childhood development’ and 'Behaviour change' Grand Challenges within the School of Psychology. As well as taking an experimental approach to understanding factors that contribute to memory and learning, she also investigates the extent to which interventions to improve physical health may also improve cognitive outcomes, and she is interested in the link between physical health and cognitive performance.

Current projects investigate the role of sleep-associated memory consolidation in language learning; vocabulary acquisition in children learning more than one language; and the extent to which sleep may underpin cognitive development, and cognition across the lifespan.  She has experience of a range of experimental techniques with both adults and children including the use of eye-tracking to assess language comprehension and EEG measurement (PSG) during sleep.