Dr Amanda Waterman

Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 5731

Summary: Amanda Waterman is a developmental psychologist interested in children’s memory, metamemory and learning, and the interaction between memory and motor development.

Location: Room G.03, Psychology Building


Amanda Waterman completed her BSc and PhD at The University of Sheffield, and has been at the University of Leeds since 2007. Amanda is part of the Born in Bradford study, a longitudinal cohort study following the lives of over 13,500 children and their families, and is an advisor on the NIHR CLAHRC committee for 'Healthy Children, Healthy Families'.

Amanda is interested in children’s memory, metamemory, and learning, and the interaction between memory and motor development. She is particularly interested in linking her research to applied contexts such as children’s educational attainment, and its impact on health outcomes.