Dr Liam JB Hill

Dr Liam JB Hill


+44(0)113 343 5726

Summary: Liam JB Hill is a Developmental Psychologist whose research looks at how cognitive, motor, social and academic development influence one another and the role the environment plays in shaping learning

Location: Room 2.10, School of Psychology


Liam has a Master of Arts in Psychology (2006), an MSc in Health Service and Public Health Research (2008) and a PhD in Child Health (2012) from the University of Aberdeen. Between 2011 and 2014 he worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the School of Psychology (University of Leeds) before being promoted to a lectureship. He collaborates on a number of projects involving the Born in Bradford Longitudinal Birth Cohort study (www.borninbradford.nhs.uk) and his work has received support from a variety of funders including: the Medical Research Council (MRC), The Waterloo Foundation (TWF) and the Biomedical Health Research Centre in Leeds (BHRC).

Liam's research investigates motor development and how it interacts with cognitive development, academic attainment and child mental health. He is also increasingly interested in the environmental contexts (socio-economic, cultural and physical) within which cognitive and motor development take place and how these shape such processes. For example, which factors contribute to inequalities arising and which promote resilience in the face of disadvantage? Ultimately his work aims to improve the support we provide to children, both with and without developmental difficulties, as they learn the fundamentally important social, cognitive and motor skills that underpin health, wellbeing and academic success. In particular he is interested in how we can use technological innovation to better support assessment and intervention in school and classroom environments.