Dr Nicola Buckland

Dr Nicola Buckland

Research Fellow

0113 343 0653

Summary: Nicola Buckland is an experimental psychologist specialising in weight management and food perceptions. Currently, Nicola is the senior researcher for the SWISS clinical trial.

Location: School of Psychology


Nicola started her research career by gaining a BSc in Psychology from the University of Sussex. During this time, Nicola undertook research positions at Arizona State University’s Health and Ageing Lab and Conditioned Feeding Lab which inspired her to specialise in human appetite research. Subsequently in 2013, Nicola obtained her PhD from the University of Leeds which examined the influence of diet-related food cues on snack and meal intake. In her current position as a research fellow in the Appetite Control and Energy Balance group, Nicola is the senior researcher for a clinical weight loss trial, SWISS which investigates the effects of low energy dense foods on satiation, satiety and weight loss. Nicola is also currently conducting research exploring consumer perceptions of foods.