Dr Colin Hendrie

Dr Colin Hendrie

Associate Professor of Human and Animal Ethology

+44(0)113 343 5736

Summary: Background in Psychopharmacology with a keen interest in applying the ethological method to a wide range of situations, including the description of human psychiatric disorders

Location: Room 2.06, Psychology Building


Colin Hendrie's research interests focus on applying the ethological method to human and animal behaviour. In humans this approach has been used to gain a greater understanding of the effects of morphology, morphological signals and the origins of mental illness, especially depression. The ethological approach has led directly to the development of the Third Ventricle Hypothesis of Depression and funding/collaborations are currently being sought to develop this further.

Dr Hendrie was voted the Institute of Psychological Science's 'Lecturer of the Year' 2012/13 and is co-author of Academia.edu's most viewed paper 2012. He is also a former Council member of the British Association for Psychopharmacology and a current member of the expert panel for Disease Modelling, European Society for Translational Medicine.

This Academia.edu page contains PDFs of his main publications.