Dr Alan Mighell

Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant in Oral Medicine / Head of Oral Surgery/Medicine/Pathology Radiology Department

+44 (0)113 343 6121


Dr Alan J Mighell BSc, BChD, MBChB, PhD, FDS RCS (Eng), FDS RCS (Oral Medicine)

Primary research theme: Biomineralisation

Alan Mighell completed his Bachelor and Doctorate degrees at the University of Leeds prior to completing his specialty clinical training in oral medicine and appointment as Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in oral medicine. He is a past President of the British Society for Oral Medicine and current Chair of the Specialty Advisory Committee for the Additional Dental Specialties.

Education and training responsibilities focus on oral medicine, clinical medical sciences in dentistry and medical emergencies to undergraduates and registered practitioners.  The Medical Emergencies Simulation Suite was established in 2008 and links a blended learning approach to training and academic activity.  External Examiner appointments have been held at several UK Universities and also overseas.

The genetic changes causing Amelogenesis Imperfecta – the failure of enamel formation – is the main research focus with funding by the Wellcome Trust (2008-) and doctoral research students.  The multi-disciplinary research team has collaborated with UK and overseas partners to contribute to the understanding of biomineralisation through its discoveries. 

Alan Mighell has spoken at national and international conferences on education and research topics and referees manuscripts for international peer-reviewed journals and examines research degrees.