Dr Maria Horne

Dr Maria Horne

Associate Professor

0113 343 1230

Summary: Maria has worked in primary care, community and public health, in both academic and clinical settings, for over 25 years. Her main research theme is ‘exercise and fragility across the lifecourse'.

Location: Baines Wing

Teaching Commitments: Public Health, health promotion, behaviour change, research.


I have worked in the field of primary care, community and public health in both academic and clinical settings for over 25 years. My clinical background is in nursing, midwifery and Specialist Community Public Health Nursing practice. I have extensive experience in public and service user involvement, working with communities and public health. I am on the editorial board for Clinical Nursing Research and the British Journal of Community Nursing. I am also the Section Editor for the Journal of Strategy, Operations and Economics. I am Fellow of and contribute to the work of the European Academy of Nursing Sciences and hold an Honorary Senior Research Fellowship with the Bradford Institute for Health Research.

My main research theme is ‘exercise and fragility across the life course’. These interests can be described under two main themes [1] Theme 1: Children’s, adults and older adults’ health and well-being - with an emphasis on reducing sedentary time, increasing physical activity levels, promoting active ageing, psychosocial issues that can affect the lives of older adults, ethnicity and cultural differences, cultural adaptation of interventions and changing health behaviour across the life course – for example for those with long-term conditions, stroke survivors and BME groups [2] Theme 2: Service delivery and organisation – with an emphasis on specialist public health practice, rehabilitation and delivery of service interventions in primary/secondary care settings, inclusion and diversity. My research expertise is primarily in qualitative and mixed methods research.

I referee grant proposals for the NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research; National Medical Research Council, Ministry of Health (Singapore); the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC); MRC Programme Grants, National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR) – Research funding scheme (RFS) Social Care Awards and NIHR Research for Patient Benefit. I am also a member of the RCN International Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP).