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Ahmed Al-Amri, Research Student

07880 220555

Laboratory scientist worked in the national genetic centre, Oman. Different technical backgrounds including the karyotyping, prenatal diagnosis and premarital diagnosis for hemoglobinopathies.
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Alexia Alexandraki, PhD student

0113 343 8058

The aim of my research project is to investigate the potential of epigenetic therapy in colorectal cancer using targeted microbubbles as a drug delivery system.
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Dina Asbridge, Personal Assistant

0113 392 6818

Personal Assistant to Professor Mark Wilcox, Professor of Medical Microbiology & Sir Edward Brotherton Chair of Bacteriology
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Caroline Berteau, PhD Student

0113 343 8606

This project, funded by the University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarship, aims at investigating epigenetic modifications in breast cancer in response to drug treatment.
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Jacquelyn Bond, Senior Lecturer

+44(0)113 343 8531

Group Leader- Microcephaly and Neurogenesis Research Group; Academic Lead for Imaging within the St James’s Campus Infrastructure Flow Cytometry and Imaging Facility
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Sheila Boyes, Project Manager/Admin Support for Colorectal Therapies Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC)

0113 2066986

I am responsible for events management, communications and the administration of the Colorectal Therapies HTC and am the primary contact for any enquiries.
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Anthony Buckley, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

0113 392 8663

My current research is on biofilm formation by Clostridium difficile, as a persistence mechanism during infection.
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Cheryl Carr, PA to Professor D Bonthron, Dr E Sheridan, Prof M Hull, Professor Sir Alex Markham and Administrative Support to LIBACS

0113 3438649

In addition to role as PA, provide administrative support to the Leeds Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Sciences
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Alessia D'Angelo, Research Nurse

Research Nurse within the Healthcare Associated Infection Research Group
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Alexander Ford, Professor of Gastroenterology and Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist

I am a clinical researcher with an interest in functional gastrointestinal disorders and clinical trials. I have published extensively, and supervised postgraduate degrees successfully.
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Jack Goode, Postdoctoral Fellow in Translational Anaesthesia and Surgical Sciences

0113 343 3132

Jack’s project focusses on the development of biosensors to enable the differential diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer, a particular diagnostic challenge in GI surgery.
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Verity Hartill, Research Student

Clinical Research Fellow funded by the British Heart Foundation, working towards a PhD. My research is focusing on the genetic basis of congenital heart disease.
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Phil Hopkins, Professor of Anaesthesia, Director Leeds Institute of Biomedical And Clinical Sciences, School of Medicine

0113 206 5274

Professor of Anaesthesia, Director Leeds Institute of Biomedical And Clinical Sciences, School of Medicine
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Mark Hull, Professor of Molecular Gastroenterology and Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist

0113 343 8650

Professor of Molecular Gastroenterology and Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist
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Kathryn Hutchinson, PhD Student in Medicine

0113 343 8606

My research project is investigating the molecular biology and therapeutic response of ovarian cancer supervised by Dr Anwar, Prof Perren and Prof Sir Markham, funded through a LIBACS Scholarship.
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John Hutchinson, Cancer Research UK Clinical Research Fellow

I am funded by CRUK, and my research aims to identify whether RvE1 a novel omega-3 fatty acid has anti-colorectal cancer activity.
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Colin A Johnson, Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics

+44 (0)113 343 8443

Group Leader, Ciliopathy Research Group Principal Investigator, International Resource for Autozygosity Mapping
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Pam Jones, Professor of Biomedical Research, Faculty Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation

0113 343 8447

Professor of Biomedical Research, Faculty Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation
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Vikas Kaura, Clinical Research Fellow in Anaesthesia

This MRC funded clinical research training fellowship aims to investigate the mechanisms underlying the phenotypic diversity in RYR1-associated malignant hyperthermia (MH).
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Carolyn Keirs, Institute Business Manager

0113 343 8580 / 0113 206 7175

Institute Business Manager working within the Leeds Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences and the School of Medicine
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Yazan Khaled, Research Fellow

I am interested in developing a theranostic nanoparticle, combining a photosensitier with a paramagnetic agent, against colorectal cancer to allow precision surgery and improve oncological outcomes.
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Andrew Kirby, Associate Clinical Professor in Microbiology and Consultant Microbiologist

0113 3923929

Current research interests are focused on antibiotic use in surgical patients including antibiotic prophylaxis, appendicitis and diverticulitis.
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Thomas Dale Maclaine, PhD Clinical Researcher

My research investigates improving accurate peri-operative risk stratification of the frail patient, through acute and elective admissions.
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Vee Mapunde, HTC Colorectal Programme Manager

0113 206 5256

I am responsible for developing partnerships across industry, academia & the NHS to drive medical innovations that improve the healthcare of individuals affected by colorectal disease.
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Teumzghi F. Mebrahtu, Research Fellow in Medical Statistics


Dr Teumzghi Mebrahtu is a Statistical Epidemiologist with medical and health economics background. His research interest areas are: synthesising health research evidence and longitudinal data analyses in life-course epidemiological research.
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Michelle Morris, University Academic Fellow/Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellow

0113 343 0883

Primary research interests are spatial and social variations in diet, lifestyle and health and how new and emerging data sources in these areas can best be utilised to benefit patient health outcomes
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Charmaine Normington, PhD Student in Molecular Gastroenterology

0113 392 8665

The aim of my study is to analyse multi-species intestinal biofilms within an in vitro model of the human gut to identify differences between a healthy and a dysbiosis state.
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Daniel Peckham, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Clinical lead for Respiratory Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis, St James’s University Hospital

0113 2067170

I have created and head up a dedicated research team which includes pure scientists and clinicians focusing on various aspects of informatics, cystic fibrosis and respiratory medicine.
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Sarah Perry, Senior Laboratory Manager & Senior Research Technician

0113 343 8422

I manage the Level 9 WTBB laboratory and undertake research for Prof Mark Hull and Prof David Jayne and their groups.
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Mar Pujades-Rodriguez, University Academic Fellow

+44 (0)11 3206 9253

Mar is a clinical epidemiologist working in chronic diseases. Her research interests are pharmacoepidemiological and applied risk prediction research and optimising the use of existing research data.
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Ian Rowe, University Academic Fellow & Honorary Consultant in Hepatology

0113 206 5667

The focus of my research is on improving outcomes for patients with cirrhosis primarily through risk stratification and the early identification of complications.
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Venkat Subramanian, Clinical Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist

+44 (0) 11320 67575

Advanced imaging in gastrointestinal endoscopy Outcomes research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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Ashley Taylor, Senior Research Technician in Molecular Gastroenterology

0113 343 8058

Utilization of proteomics data to identify putative biomarkers of colorectal cancer for translation to the clinic, with a focus on the role of dysregulation of Adenomatous polyposis coli.
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Jonathan Vernon, PhD Student

0113 3928665

My PhD studies involve the investigation of epidemiology and mechanisms of multi-drug resistance in Clostridium difficile
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Milène Volpato, Research Fellow

0113 343 8423

My research interests are linked to the pre-clinical development of novel therapeutic strategies for the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer. My main focus is developing stratified medicine.
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James Walker, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Leeds Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences.
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Audrey Zannese, Programme Co-ordinator - Student Education Service

0113 206 5659

Audrey supports the MSc Molecular Medicine, the MRes Medicine and the iBSc Clinical Sciences (Molecular Medicine) accross their whole cycles: admissions, programme support and student support.
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