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Michelle Dalton, Research Fellow

+44(0)113 343 2947 (office); +44(0)113 343 5753 (lab)

Michelle Dalton is an experimental psychologist interested in human appetite control, food reward and cravings, and individual differences in susceptibility to overeating.
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Jean-Francois Delvenne, Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 5478

Jean-Francois Delvenne is a cognitive neuro-psychologist. His current research interests focus on Visual Attention and Memory, as well as Interhemispheric Communication.
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Louise Dye, Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour N8 Agrifood Programme Theme 3 Chair in Nutrition & Behaviour Change

+44(0)113 3435707

Louise Dye is the N8 Chair ( and Professor of Nutrition and Behaviour. She is a biological psychologist who studies the effects of diet/food intake on cognition and health.
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