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Academic & Teaching

Richard Allen, Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 2667

Richard Allen researches memory in healthy populations and patient groups, examining how information is bound, maintained and utilized for further action, in working memory and long-term memory.
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Jane Blackwell, Research Fellow

Jane Blackwell is a Research Fellow investigating sleep, physical activity, cognitive function and psychological well-being in children with narcolepsy in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
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John Edward Blundell, Professor – Chair in PsychoBiology

Professor John Blundell (JB) is a highly cited investigator in the science of appetite regulation, energy balance and physical activity, with more than 25,000 total citations of his work.
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Neil Boyle, Research Fellow | N8 AgriFood Knowledge Exchange Fellow

+ 44 0113 343 1403

I am biological psychologist interested in the relationship between stress, cognition, & health; the effects of stress on eating behaviour; & potential for nutrients to moderate stress vulnerability
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Dawn Beverley Branley, Research Fellow

Project manager for: 1). Study to Examine the Psychological Processes in Suicidal Ideation and Behaviour 2). Large RCT testing a new behaviour change intervention to increase cancer screening.
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Charity Brown, Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 5748

Charity Brown’s research focuses on theoretical and applied aspects of memory such as how verbalization influences visual memory and how to help eyewitnesses construct a good facial composite.
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Nicola Buckland, Research Fellow

0113 343 0653

Nicola Buckland is an experimental psychologist specialising in weight management and food perceptions. Currently, Nicola is the senior researcher for the SWISS clinical trial.
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David Bunce, Leadership Chair in Cognitive Psychology

+44(0)113 343 6657

David Bunce is a cognitive neuropsychologist who specialises in the study of cognitive ageing and dementia.
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Melanie Rose Burke, Associate Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience

+44(0)113 3435738

Melanie Burke is a Cognitive Neuroscientist with an interest in studying brain function during eye and hand movements to a range of cognitive tasks across the lifespan.
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Rachel Coats, Lecturer

+44(0)113 343 5830

Rachel Coats' research interests include motor control and motor learning, particularly in older adults, and the importance of vision for action.
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Mark Conner, Professor

+44(0)113 343 5720

Professor Mark Conner is an applied social psychologist who has been at Leeds since 1990. His current research interests focus on understanding and changing health behaviours.
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Matt Craddock, Research Fellow

+44(0)113 343 0450

Matt Craddock is a cognitive neuroscientist. He has interests in multisensory perception and cognition, and is examining pre-stimulus neural activity in somatosensory perception.
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Michelle Dalton, Research Fellow

+44(0)113 343 2947 (office); +44(0)113 343 5753 (lab)

Michelle Dalton is an experimental psychologist interested in human appetite control, food reward and cravings, and individual differences in susceptibility to overeating.
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Jean-Francois Delvenne, Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 5478

Jean-Francois Delvenne is a cognitive neuro-psychologist. His current research interests focus on Visual Attention and Memory, as well as Interhemispheric Communication.
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Louise Dye, Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour N8 Agrifood Programme Theme 3 Chair in Nutrition & Behaviour Change

+44(0)113 3435707

Louise Dye is the N8 Chair ( and Professor of Nutrition and Behaviour. She is a biological psychologist who studies the effects of diet/food intake on cognition and health.
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Martin Farrell, Lecturer

0113 343 9193

Martin Farrell’s interests include the history and philosophy of psychology; various aspects of cognitive psychology, including spatial cognition, memory, attention, and consciousness.
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Alison Fildes, University Academic Fellow in Behaviour Change

+44 (0) 113 343 8817

Alison Fildes is a University Academic Fellow interested in the aetiology and modification of obesogenic health behaviours.
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Graham Finlayson, Chair in Psychobiology

+44(0)113 343 7601

Professor Finlayson delivers teaching and research in the psychobiology of human appetite, reward and food choice, and interactions between energy intake and energy expenditure.
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Peter Gardner, Head of School and Senior Lecturer

+44(0)113 343 5719 (PA); +44 (0)113 343 6678 (direct)

I am an applied psychologist interested in human factors and human-computer interaction. In particular, I am interested in the design and use of all forms of technology in health settings.
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Catherine Gibbons, Research Fellow

+44(0)113 343 5753 (lab) +44(0)113 343 8073 (office)

Catherine Gibbons is an exercise physiologist interested in the role of tonic and episodic peptides in the control of appetite and obesity.
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Richard Harris, Lecturer in Psychology

0113 3439849

Richard Harris is a lecturer in cognitive neuroscience with an interest in face processing and neuroplasticity
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Amanda Harrison, Senior Lecturer

+44(0)113 343 6689

Dr Harrison is a member of the Behavioural Neuroscience Group. Her research interests range from the neurobiology of drug addiction & impulsive behaviour to self-harming in prisoner populations.
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Jelena Havelka, Associate Professor Postgraduate Admissions Tutor

My research interests include investigation of the reading process in different languages and orthographies, vocabulary acquisition, bilingualism and role of emotion in language and memory processing.
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Colin Hendrie, Associate Professor of Human and Animal Ethology

+44(0)113 343 5736

Background in Psychopharmacology with a keen interest in applying the ethological method to a wide range of situations, including the description of human psychiatric disorders
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Liam JB Hill, Lecturer

+44(0)113 343 5726

Liam JB Hill is a Developmental Psychologist whose research looks at how cognitive, motor, social and academic development influence one another and the role the environment plays in shaping learning
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Siobhan Hugh-Jones, Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 5744

Siobhan Hugh-Jones works in the field of Applied Health Psychology and has a particular interest in the effect of mindfulness on coping and resilience, and qualitative approaches to health.
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Russell Hutter, Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 8467

Russell Hutter researches social cognition, including: social category conjunction, stereotyping, aging, and executive functions. He also researches message framing and product branding.
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Ian Kellar, Associate Professor of Health Psychology

+44(0)113 343 7242

Ian is a health/social psychologist developing and evaluating interventions that use behaviour change techniques in medication adherence, perioperative care, & tobacco cessation, and travel mode.
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Ekaterini Klepousniotou, Associate Professor, Lead for The Nervous System and Its Disorders Grand Challenge

+44(0)113 343 5716

Ekaterini Klepousniotou is a cognitive neuroscientist working on language processing. Her research interests lie in the area of meaning access and representation, as well as language localization.
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Clare Lawton, Senior Research Fellow

+44(0)113 343 5741

Clare Lawton’s research focuses on appetite and body weight control; risk factors for weight gain and predictors of weight loss; functional foods for satiety, cognitive function and wellbeing.
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Rebecca Lawton, Professor in Psychology of Healthcare

+44(0)113 343 5715

Rebecca Lawton is a health psychologist who conducts research in two main areas: lifestyle behaviour change and patient safety.
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Donna Lloyd, Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 7247

Donna Lloyd is a cognitive neuroscientist specialising in the somatosensory system and the multisensory processes underlying body representation and spatial awareness.
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Anna Madill, Chair of Qualitative Inquiry, Deputy Head of School, Athena SWAN Champion

+44(0)113 343 5750

Anna Madill specializes in qualitative methods. Her research is broadly in the field of 'well-being' and, increasing, on gender and sexuality. She is Deputy Head and Chair in Qualitative Inquiry.
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Denis McKeown, Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology / Postgraduate Research Tutor

+44(0)113 343 5701

Denis McKeown is a Cognitive Psychologist, and is researching human memory, particularly non-verbal memory and memory across the lifespan
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Mark Mon-Williams, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Professor of Psychology (Bradford Institute of Health Research) Professor of Vision Science, Buskerud and Vestfold University, Norway

+44(0)113 343 5725

Mark Mon-Williams works with members of the 'Perception-Action-Cognition' group to ensure the group's world class research has maximum impact within local and global communities.
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Faisal Mushtaq, Lecturer

+44(0)113 343 6640

I am interested in using behavioural methods and techniques from cognitive neuroscience to investigate perception, action and cognition interactions across a variety of domains.
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Hannah Nash, Lecturer

+44 (0) 113 3439199

Hannah is a developmental psychologist studying the factors that contribute to typical language and literacy development and why some children develop disorders like SLI, dyslexia, ADHD & Narcolepsy
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Daryl O'Connor, Professor of Psychology

+44 (0)113 343 5727

Daryl is a Health Psychologist with interests in psychobiology. He investigates the impact of stress, personality and psychological interventions on health and the effects of testosterone in men.
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Kirsty Pert, Research Assistant

Research Assistant, working on an MRC funded study: School based mental health intervention for young people: development and feasibility study of a digital information prescription intervention.
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Andrew Prestwich, Senior Lecturer

+44(0)113 343 8559

Andy is a health and social psychologist. His research interests concern the application of theory and technology to behaviour change.
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John Rodgers, Professor of Behavioural Pharmacology

+44(0)113 343 5745

John Rodgers is a biological psychologist whose research involves the detailed behavioural analysis of drug effects on appetite and anxiety.
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Ruth Simms-Ellis, Research Officer

+44(0)113 343 1800

Ruth Simms-Ellis is an organisational psychologist with a special interest in health & wellbeing in schools. She is Research Officer on a large longitudinal study on Smoking Prevention in Young Adults
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Ed Sutherland, Lecturer, Director of Student Education

+44 (0)113 343 5732

Ed's first research interests were in reasoning and decision making. More recently he has become interested in the effect of alcohol on inhibition, particularly in autobiographical memory.
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Mitch Waterman, Chair in Forensic Psychological Science, Faculty Pro-Dean for Student Education

+44(0)113 343 5733 / 4219 / 4721

Mitch’s research interests mainly focus on inhibition; problems following traumatic brain injury; self-harm and aggression; dissociation, trauma and psychosis; offending behaviours.
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Amanda Waterman, Associate Professor

+44(0)113 343 5731

Amanda Waterman is a developmental psychologist interested in children’s memory, metamemory and learning, and the interaction between memory and motor development.
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Anna Weighall, Lecturer, Lead Postgraduate Research Tutor

+44(0)113 343 5689

Dr Weighall is a cognitive developmental psychologist researching the relationships between sleep, memory and learning, spoken language development and vocabulary acquisition in children and adults.
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Richard Wilkie, Professor of Cognitive Psychology

+44(0)113 343 6681

Richard Wilkie researches Perception, Action & Cognition (eg investigating locomotor control by simulating self-motion using virtual environments).
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