MOOC - Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research

A free online course, 'Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research' is available through an exciting collaboration across the Faculty and the NIHR CRN-CC.

The Faculty of Medicine & Health is proud to host the Co-ordinating Centre for the NIHR Comprehensive Research Network (CRN-CC) that at any one time co-ordinates nearly three quarters of a million NHS patients undertaking clinical research. There is now a strong evidence supporting the notion that individual patient, and NHS Trust participation in these research trials improves patient outcome and quality - something that we hope will now resonate across NHS Trust boards up and down England.

In an exciting collaboration across the Faculty and the NIHR CRN-CC a new massive open online course (MOOC) explores the concepts around improving healthcare through clinical research. It is a high quality product and outstanding resource. You can register your interest here.

Many staff have contributed to its content but particular thanks go to Nigel Simpson, Matthew Seymour, Jane Minton, Fiona O’Neill and Sue Redhead.