LIMM Postgraduate Research Symposium

This year saw the first year we welcomed Oral Biology to the LIMM Postgraduate Research Symposium, which took place on Friday 24 April 2015 in the Clinical Sciences Building at St James's.

There was a fantastic turnout from all institutes based here at St James’s hospital site with staff and students representing LICAP, LIBACS, LIRM and Oral Biology. A great day of student talks and posters was followed by an inspirational lecture from our guest speaker Prof Steven Curry from Imperial College London. Steven’s passion for science and enthusiasm for engaging the public with scientific research is immediately evident when meeting him. He highlighted how important public engagement is by recounting his involvement in the ‘Science is Vital’ campaign that was launched in 2010. The success of the campaign helped prevent severe cuts to scientific funding in the UK. Prof Curry took a keen interest in the talks and helped the team of PIs to judge them. He also presented prizes to our worthy winners for best oral and poster presentations. We would like to thank everyone who played there role in organising such a successful day and to all our presenters, judges and chairs. We would also like to thank our sponsors (Miltenyi, BD Biosciences, Peprotech, Proteintech, Takara-Clontech, Qiagen, Promega) who kindly funded the event; without which the day would not have been possible.

Oral presentation winners:

  • 1st prize Claire Scott (LICAP)

  • 2nd prize Andrew Barr (LIRMM)
  • 3rd prize Julia Cockle (LICAP)

Poster presentation winners:

  • 1st prize Helen Close (LICAP)
  • 2nd prize Alexia Alexandraki (LIBACS)
  • 3rd Prize Rob Berkley (LICAP)

Postgraduate Reps

(Gary, Nora, Helen, and Nikoletta)