School wins 2014 Partnership Award

Healthcare scoops LUU award for 'outstanding nominations'

Leeds University Union has a series of partnership awards each year to celebrate the exceptional students and staff at the University, and the ceremony was held last night in the Union Refectory.   The awards showcase exceptional teaching, representation and support throughout the University and awards include Extra Mile, Innovation, Inspirational Teaching, Support, and the Partnership Award.  This year has seen our staff and students feature heavily in the awards in the following areas: 

Short listings for staff and student

Voyin Pantic was short-listed for the Inspirational Teaching Award, Marian Hinds was shortlisted for the Support Award, and Rachel Booth, was shortlisted for the Extra Mile (Student) Award. This is what their nominators said:

Voyin Pantic: "Voyin is the best lecturer I have experienced. He has inspired me to be enthusiastic about anatomy; he is dedicated, hard-working and ensures his students get the best mark possible."

Marian Hinds:  "Marian is simply incredible.  She looks after us, advocates for us, organises us and communicates with us as equals." 

Rachel Booth: Rachel is an outstanding student and a credit to the School. She takes time to help and support others and has represented the School at national events."

School's 'Outstanding nominations'

The Partnership Award award recognises a School 'with outstanding nominations across multiple categories by a wide range of people'. In recognition of the School having received a large number of nominations across numerous categories, 93 nominations in all (about 1 in 8 of all nominations across the University), the School has won The Partnership Award. 

The citation for the award read “This year’s Partnership Award is being awarded to the School with the highest nominations number of nominations. We received over 90 nominations from this School which reflected the high quality of teaching and support, the calibre of the reps and the spirit of community in the school.

"In an institution this size there are going to be challenges along the way and it was with this in mind, that the judges were all the more impressed with the high standards of teaching, support and representation which are so clearly demonstrated in the nominations.'

The Head of School, Prof Andrea Nelson said, "Congratulations to the whole School for the Award, and especially everyone who was nominated or shortlisted.  And a big thank you to everyone who put forward a nomination, recognising the contribution and excellence of a fellow student or member of staff."