Cancer Survivor Intelligence Group

The Cancer Survivor Intelligence (CSI) Group is led by Professor Adam Glaser and focuses on the capture of quality of life information from cancer survivors. The group's work includes these programmes:

  • Life After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
  • Life with and beyond Bladder Cancer
  • Comprehensive Patient Records for Cancer Outcomes
  • The Candlelighters Clinical Research Training Fellowships Programme  

Team members

  • Group Leader: Prof Adam Glaser
  • Programme Manager: Majorie Allen
  • Senior Research Fellow in Cancer Epidemiology: Dr Amy Downing
  • Research Assistant on Life and Bladder Cancer: the Yorkshire Cancer Research Patient Reported Outcome Measures Survey: Sam Mason
  • Programme Managers, Life After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Rebecca Mottram and Sarah Wilding
  • Administrator, Life After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Linda Roberts

Clinical Research Fellows

  • Dr Amanda Friend (Candlelighters Fellow)
  • Dr Hannah Newton (Candlelighters Fellow)
  • Dr Kieran Zucker (Macmillian Cancer Support Fellow)