Facilities available in LIRMM

Central to our research facilities, is the NIHR funded Leeds Biomedical Research Centre (Leeds BRC), which has a research dedicated 3 Tesla MRI system with 32 receiver channels, rapid switching gradients and musculoskeletal imaging radiofrequency coils, fusion and 4D ultrasound and image processing facilities. 

Other facilities available at our Chapel Allerton Hospital base include  Gait lab, portable ultrasound and research laboratories.

We have extensive modern research laboratory facilities at the Wellcome Trust Brenner Building on the St James' Campus which include sequencing capabilities, nucleic acid and protein expression analysis, several real time PCR machines, in-situ PCR, immuno-histochemistry, quantitative Western/Northern blots analysis, a seven colour flow cytometer MoFlo and FACS-Vantage cell sorters

Facilities across the Faculty and School of Medicine are also available to LIRMM.