LIHS mini-masterclasses

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Mini-masterclasses are 20 minute presentations on topics in the areas of information management, qualitative research, statistics, health economics and health informatics. At the end there are 10 minutes for individual questions and networking.

Staff and PhD students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds are welcome to attend.

No booking is required, however non-LIHS staff are requested to inform Denise Womersley if they plan to attend.
LIHS mini masterclasses timetable flyer.

Previous class presentations

To view presentation slides for the previous classes please see the archive of mini masterclasses

Timetable and slides / videos

* Please note that the mini masterclass on recruiting from 'hard to reach' groups for research on the 26th April has been cancelled. We are planning to reschedule this for the 2017 Autumn term. *


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 02/05/2017 9.58a  14:30 Research proposal support; what are funders looking for and how can the RDS help? Maria Bryant and Maureen Twiddy


 9.58a  14:30 Writing for publication (dealing with rejection) Andrew Hill
 17/05/2017  9.58a  10:30 Realist synthesis Joanne Greenhalgh


 9.58a  10:30 Discrete choice experiments David Meads
 06/06/2017  9.58a  10:30 Statistics for beginners: types of data Tracey Farragher


 9.58a  14:30 What to do about missing data? Paul Baxter


 9.58a  10:30 Evaluating public engagement activities - video Charlotte Haigh


 9.58a  14:30 Introduction to diagnostic tests Gurdeep Sagoo


 9.58a  10:30 Qualitative research methods: interviewing Carol Martin


 9.51  14:30 Anonymising datasets for research purposes Chris Smith
 19/07/2017  9.58a  10:30 Programme theory and logic models for NIHR grant applications . CANCELLED Carolyn Czoski-Murray


If you have any questions or are interested in presenting a class please contact Judy Wright.