LIHS mini-masterclasses

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Mini-masterclasses are 20 minute presentations on topics in the areas of information management, qualitative research, statistics, health economics and health informatics. At the end there are 10 minutes for individual questions and networking. Please see the latest LIHS Mini-masterclass timetable.

Staff and PhD students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds are welcome to attend.

No booking is required, however non-LIHS staff are requested to inform Denise Womersley if they plan to attend.  

Previous class presentations

To view presentation slides (and some videos) for previous classes please see the archive of mini masterclasses

Current Timetable

*Mini Masterclasses will be paused from November 2018 - February 2019


Room number

Start time



20/09/2018 7.04 14:30 Cohort study-UK Biobank
Tracey Farragher
25/09/2018 Rick Jones cluster 11.06 10:30 GIS applications: health data Charlotte Kelly
03/10/2018 7.04 14:30 Collaborating with GPs Paul Carder
11/10/2018 Rick Jones cluster 11.06 10:30 Getting started with Research Professional Annette Caplan
18/10/2018 Rick Jones cluster 11.06 10:30 Open Research Nicola Barnett and Beccy Shipman
24/10/2018 7.04  10:30 Research Excellence Framework Sarah Clark


If you have any questions or are interested in presenting a class please contact Judy Wright